Little green lights

Ronald Maggio r.v.maggio at
Fri Mar 1 08:23:05 EST 2002

> The sound HOWTOs seemed rather dated, talking about the
> growing popularity of PCI slots over ISA,  linux vs Win 3.1 and Win
> 95, and XFREE 3.3.1. It looks like I have to find out exactly what
> is, and isn't, in my kernel.
> Scott

P.P.S. I also should have tolled you just to close the window when your done
making changes in the Volume Mixer.
If you save the settings it will loose the mixer that was set up by the OS
for that sound card.
The mixer will not be able to find the sound card, but sound will still work
although the mixer will no longer be available to configure. Os dude what
ever you do {DO NOT SAVE} the settings under the file menu just close the
The settings will stay the way you left them.

I found that out the hard way. I did not know how to reverse the changes, so
I wiped the installation and reinstalled again.

Let me know!


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