Little green lights

Ronald Maggio r.v.maggio at
Fri Mar 1 07:44:35 EST 2002

> The sound HOWTOs seemed rather dated, talking about the
> growing popularity of PCI slots over ISA,  linux vs Win 3.1 and Win
> 95, and XFREE 3.3.1. It looks like I have to find out exactly what
> is, and isn't, in my kernel.
> Scott

Hi Scott.

I was going to mention did you ever check those little green lights that
where not turned on in the Volume Mixer.
They are the dulled (green) lights and are out meaning that those features
where not turned on by default.
By clicking on the dulled green lights you'll turn them on. (SOUND)! I just
installed RedHat 7.2 on my Celeron
box with a built in Sound Blaster sound card on the motherboard. I think
Linux sees them better on separate subsystem
cards than on built in's on the motherboard. My friend Larry who is also a
member had the same problem with his. We found out that Linux has a little
problem setting up the system right with a motherboard that has built in
features. ie: Video, Sound.

So I to tasted the problem with Linux on a motherboard with built in sound.
I could barely hear it I knew the speakers where
on, but I looked at the Volume Mixer settings and saw the green lights where
off on everything but the main volume. So I turned them all on and adjusted
them to my liking and...pardon the pun! like Got Milk?  (((but I Got

Did you try this? Try it and tell me if it works!

See ya there


P.S. Oh by the way are we meeting the 10th of march? if so good I'll be

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