Quick turnaround question...

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I'm sure it's close enough for government work....

Wait a second, isn't KDE a free version of CDE?

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I wonder if HP-CDE is different than just 'CDE' which I'm pretty
familiar with..

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I have a chance to teach a class on HP Unix.

I realize that in spite of what Richard Stallman might say, UNIX and
are close enough for all practical applications (especially in a
environment.  I used to teach a UNIX class, using Linux on the
However, there may be some issues...

First issue, I was handed the outline, and a couple of topics mentioned
in the X-Window section that they are talking about.  They mention
and "KIA". Does Anyone know about these?  Is there any place on the web
could get a quick primer?   Is there a Linux shell that looks/acts like

There is also a 'configuration' section,.  I'm ok when they talk about
and FTP  setup.  I'm a little worried when they mention Printers and
"HP-UNIX" options.

If anyone can help on any of these things, I would be most appreciative!

Thanks in advance!

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