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Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Nov 20 11:40:45 EST 2001

> I  am a novice Redhat Linux 7.1 user and plan on buying 7.2 . I am
> currently duel booting 7.1 with Win 2000. Can anyone tell me more about
> GRUB and will it let me duel boot without using the lilo?

7.2 allows you to choose between LILO and Grub as your bootloader.  So if
you're familiar with LILO, you don't have to change.


Nice thing about GRUB:
You can hide partitions (3 partitions of Windows, each one will think it
is installed on C Drive)
You don't have to reload Grub when you modify the conf file
Nice GUI interface (better than the old LILO interface)

Bad things about GRUB:
when doing a make install on a kernel, the last command is to use lilo.
So you get a cosmetic error message.
The command line interface at boot time has a higher learning curve.


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