"Obligatory Meeting" and SMP question

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 16:23:20 EST 2001

--- "Gregory J.Neumann" <gjn at certainlywood.com> wrote:
> Ya' think 'drake 8.1 would work on an old Pentium Pro?  My first 
> inclination is Slackware (of course!) but if I remember correctly, it'll 
> take a recompile.  Maybe not w/ Slackware 8.  
> I'll HAVE to show up for the meeting now, I don't have Mandrake 8.1 Cds! 
> ;-)

Yep, 8.1 should work fine on a PPro.  Memory seems to the big thing that any of
the more complete user interfaces (KDE and Gnome) need, along with memory
required by Netscape/Mozilla and/or StarOffice.

> SSH sounds like a good topic!  I can set up SSH "automagically", but I 
> don't know what I'm really doing.  (gee! Just like Windoze!)

SSH is pretty interesting.  It will actually act like an encrypted tunnel for
lots of things.  I could imagine a situation where a company would allow
internet connections for ONLY SSH and have everyone able to run a lot of things
from remote.  Hmmm... maybe as a replacement for stuff like 'Secure Remote' and
other things.

I know administrators that will not telnet to ANYTHING in their environments. 
They use SSH for everything and, in fact can administer their entire networks
through SSH and SSH scripts (actually shell scripts fired down and SCP)

You can use it to tunnel X sessions, copy files, remotely execute programs.  I
have been working on some SNORT probes where I work and we use SSH to
automagically send down updates to the rules files in a tar file, untar the
rules in the right location and restart the 'snortd' processes through a script
that reads the names of the probes (actually, their IP addresses) and updates
them all.

Also, while most distributions won't allow root to use '.rhosts' files for
'rsh', 'rlogin' and 'rcp', you CAN use SSH to do all of these functions as
root.  Remember that if you're going to use SSH for root functions, disable all
forms of authentication other than keys so that a less than honorable
individual/program can't sit and try to crack passwords.

> Hopefully, I'll see you there.

Try to make it.  Should be a good session.



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