"Obligatory Meeting" and SMP question

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 12:27:56 EST 2001

--- "Gregory J.Neumann" <gjn at certainlywood.com> wrote:
> I think I say something like this every month, but I NEVER seem to be 
> able to make the trek from Holland to Buffalo ;-) but anyway:
> Is the meeting scheduled for November 18th, and what's being planned?
> What's good to bring?
> What's the topic?

Well, we've been talking about doing a meeting on SSH and things like that. 
We've also been working on installing RedHat on an Alpha box.

> Aside:  I >may< be able to get my grubby paws on an old dual Pentium Pro 
> motherboard w/ the processors, and it may actually work(!).  Anything 
> special about SMP on Linux past a recompile?  Of course I'll RTFM the 
> HOWTOs etc., but nothing beats stories from the trenches! ;-)

Well, if you're doing a distribution, Mandrake will automagically detect the MP
system and install the MP kernel.  I did it on the most miserable of beasts, a
Compaq server.  That thing needed bios things done to get it to work right. 
The cool thing is that the MP kernel puts up penguins on the screen when it
starts; one for each CPU.  Seems to be very solid once it's up.  Find docs out
there on the web if it doesn't work right off.  BTW, 8.0 had networking
problems on the compaq in SMP mode.  It seems to work correctly in 8.1.


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