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Robert Dege rdege at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Jun 26 16:41:12 EDT 2001

I already use supermount, as part of the Mandrake 2.4x kernel.
Unfortunately, the owner hasn't written any "official" src code for the
2.4x kernel, so I have to use Mandrake's hack.... which works fine.

I'll check out the fuser program though.  I'm not sure if it will flag a
shell & the cwd, but I'll find out.

Greg, Supermount allows a user to mount & unmount a fs without explicitly
mounting/umounting it.  It would be using a floppy or cd-rom just like
in Windows9x.  ie: you hit the eject button on your CD-Rom & supermount
will unmount the drive & allow the CD to be ejected.  This also works for
Floppies & HD partitions.

You need to modify your kernel & fstab file.  Mandrake has supermount
built into the 2.4x kernel.  Or you can use their kernel 2.4x source, if
you want to manually compile the kernel.

If you want more info about it, I can post my fstab file.  It's a pain to
type a supermount line manually :)


> If there is a process that is currently in the directory that the drive is
> mounted under, it cannot be unmounted.  You can use the 'fuser' program with
> the -m <block device> option to find out what has the file system mounted.  You
> can probably use the -k option to kill the processes that have it open and then
> do the unmount.
> Of course, this is a really rude thing to do to users :-)
> Have you considered using the 'supermount' system?  It will mount file systems
> when you attempt to access them and unmount them when nothing is talking to the
> file system any more.  Kinda cool for CDROM and floppy drives.
> Cheers!
> Bob

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