Software RAID weirdness question

JJ Neff jjneff at
Tue Jun 5 17:57:36 EDT 2001

Is this something you might be able to describe in detail (what happened - how
you made it work) and could present to a LUG meeting?  I for one am very
interested in software raid as I have 2 2940 UW controllers and 2 4GB SCSI
drives and would love to have them mirrored.  One is in my Linux box and one is
in my NT server (sounds like SAMBA with a mirrored DATA volume to me!)

John J Neff
--- "Gregory J. Neumann" <gregneumann at> wrote:
> Got it solved!  The kernels from don't come patched to
> automatically start RAID, as I set up RAID on the stock Slackware 2.2.16
> kernel that comes w/ the patch, my new kernel not able to make sense of it. 
> Found the patches in a different place than that listed in the HOWTO's,
> thanks to some help from the RAID mail list, (found that, too!)
> Server now has the data I wanted on a RAID partition set up as a Samba share
> for all the Win9x users, and it works very well indeed!  Thanks to everyone
> who so freely gave help!
> Best regards,
> Greg Neumann
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