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You need to install the 'sane' package.  There's two pieces, the frontends and
backends.  Then install 'xsane' and 'xsane-gimp'.  You will be able to scan
directly into gimp with that.  Please note that not all scanners are supported
and USB scanners are the least supported.  My SCSI HP Scanjet II worked without
me changing a thing but I still can't get a Slimstar I to work.  Note that the
scanner brand/model is less important than the chipset in it.  The command
'sane-find-scanner' will find out if you have something that it can recognize
but won't necessarily mean that the scanner will work.  I've managed to hang my
Mandrake 8.1 box several times beating on this stupid USB scanner.  I suppose
an upgraded kernel with better USB support might help.  I'm running 2.4.8.


--- "Riga, Anthony" <Anthony.Riga at> wrote:
> I have an Umax astra 2100u scanner that I would like to use with Redhat
> . is it possible? and what files or drivers do I need to use it?. I
> checked their website and they dont have Linux drivers. Thanks

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