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Tue Dec 25 21:49:32 EST 2001

On 23 Dec 2001, at 17:58, Ronald Maggio wrote:

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> Why windows 95? I use windows 98SE 2nd version. I know it is a memory pig
> but it has more features.
> Also why not use Windows NT Workstation its not plug and play but its not a
> memory as Win 9x
> I have it on an older Pentium box with Mandrake 8.0 and both are running
> fine, but each one has its own drive.
	Originally, when I literally built this machine it had a 124MB 
drive, so space was at a premium, and no OS, and a DX66 chip. A 
friend had Win95, so I had Win95, plain and simple. With an AMD 
Overdrive chip it's now at 166MHz, but Win95 has always done 
everything I needed it to, so I never saw a need to upgrade past 
95B w/USB support [they must hate me, because I registered my 
own copy as "anonymous user"], but now Win95 is "out of the 
	I have replaced the 124MB with a 2GB [test bed]or a 3GB 
[regular use]. When ever I want to try some new software, or play 
with some configs or inis, I do it on the test bed to see what the 
effects might be first. If everything works out, I do it to the 3 Gig, if 
not, I just remove it and Restore the 2 Gig. 
> Thats why I think its better to install linux on another harddisk drive.
> Drives are cheeper now than ever and trying to install linux on a different
> partition on the same drive is worth it trust me! You can have it boot off a
> floppy or write LILO to the master boot record. I let it write to the master
> boot record and it works fine. I should say that I back up the master boot
> record anyway just in case. Nothing in carved in stone about the stability
> of any OS.
	Right after I sent the last message, I decided to repartition the 
test bed, so now Widows is in 1 Gig, and the other one is waiting 
to be either an extended partition or another Logical Drive for Linux 
to test.  
	The new box will be a 950MHz Athlon and a 20GB drive, so I'm 
wide open to suggestions there. I'll probably be a giggling idiot for 
months because of all the speed and space ! :-) !

> >  I can always
> > lose the Windows later if I become a hardcore Linuxer.
> > Does anyone have any preferences/recommendations as to an
> > emailer to use in Linux?
> Kmail its right in Mandrake I really like it a ot! Its the best seen.
> Looks and acts a lot like Oh yes I'm going to say it...
> Outlook Express. Well at least to me it does.
	I'll definitely give it a try. I don't actually have Outlook, it 
seemed like a waste of space. Also, I read there are only about 10 
or 15 viruses that Linux is susceptible to [most use the boot 
sector], but most of the really devastating and virulent ones, 
epidemiologically speaking, use Outlook as their vector. Hence, 
the Pegasus. 

> I've used Pegasus Mail before I still like it also. I wonder if there is
> anything built like it for linux. That is buy the same company or another.
I'm checking on that. 


LINUX- Not just _A_ good idea, 
       _ALL_ the good ideas. 

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