Erie County Fair server problem

Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Thu Aug 9 22:38:35 EDT 2001

I could have a look at it.  You didn't include the fellow's Email.  Has anyone
volunteered for this yet?  If not, have him give me a call.  Number's at the
bottom of the Email...  I could have a look at it Friday night.  I just need to
know who to contact.



--- "Samuel Morales Jr." <sonofrage at> wrote:
> I just got this email a few minutes ago, can anyone
> help?
> --begin fwd
> Samuel,
> You have no idea who I am..  but I represent the IT
> interests for Strates
> Enterprises.  You may know our name..  we manage the
> midway at the Erie
> County Fair, have for many decades.
> I happened upon your name from the UB OpenSource
> website.  I have a bit of
> a Linux situation and it just happens to be at the
> Erie County Fair - no
> really, dont laugh.  Our Linux server is broken.  The
> server normally
> dials into Earthlink and then uses IPMasq for the
> clients to get out to
> the net to check their e-mail, etc.. but it's not
> dialing anymore!
> We're based in Orlando, FL..  the weekend is
> approaching and honestly I
> don't want to fly to Buffalo. :) By chance could you
> recommend a locally
> based Linux consultant who could drive out to the Erie
> County Fair, fix my
> box, make a few bucks, and ride a few rides?
> If you can, or know of someone you can..  PLEASE give
> me a call or have
> them give me a call -- 407-230-3024 or e-mail ASAP.
> Thank you so very much!
> Jeff Iddings
> --end fwd
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