ISDN and Linux?

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in that case, my statement was more of a 'blind pig finding a mushroom'!

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Thanks for all the ummm ... encouragement? [thanks, Darin! Cheered me
right up! ;-)]

Richard, there are actually products very similar to the LinkSys for
ISDN, so you pointed me in the right direction!

"Smiling Ron", read on, 'cause ISDN, >IF< it works, is the ONLY solution
out here in "Techno-Devoido-Land"!

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> Hi Greg.
> Well can't help you here. The information I asked for from verizon when I
> looked into ISDN is this yes its around $100.00 to install it and a small
> monthly fee of around $10.00 to use the line, (but its a penny per minute

> use the service.) Also the price plan goes up is you want the commercial
> line! (ie: slighty faster speed) otherwise it really is no faster than a
> 56kbps modem.
> So knowing the time I spend online it would cost even more than a cable
> DSL modem and not be anywhere as fast.
> My best advice is forget ISDN and get ether a cable or DSL modem. Their
> faster and cheeper in the long run.
> Well my two cents worth. Take it or leave it. Hope I was of any help?

Yeah, I should have been more specific:  Adelphia wants $1000 a pole and
the estimate is @40 poles.  We are "beyond the Pale" as far as DSL goes,
So ...  as I said, the BITTER end ...

> Oh and by the way to all my friends at NFLUG this is smiling Ron the used
> ISDN modem dealer. To all you suckers I mean to all you nice people out
> there I have an ISDN modem to sale. Like new, Only use to dial out to
> on sundays by the little old fellow from Amherst. Its all yours for
> easy payments of one dollar with no interest charges. Call me at 677-5909

> 1-888-888-8888 and I'll sell you for five easy payments of two cents each
> for a small book of smart remarks.

What are the specs on that modem?  We may very well end up w/ this ISDN,
horror stories and all.  And from Verizon, I've got some horror stories
unrelated to on-line access, too! 8-O

> See ya};-)
> Ron

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