[nflug] CC: is SMTP handshake

Eric Toczek eric at flerd.com
Thu Jan 29 11:27:58 EST 2009

Robert Wolfe wrote:
> Hi all.  Trying to write a Windoze application that sends mail via
> SMTP.  So far it works like a dream, with the exception of the CC:
> field.  Is there something in the SMTP command sequence that I need to
> put in to let the receiving SMTP server know that the message needs to
> be CCed to another address?
CC is just an email header thing

From the SMTP level, it's just another rcpt to


mail from: <eric at flerd.com>

rcpt to: <robert at muzzlethem.com>

rcpt to: <nflug at nflug.org>


subject: example
to: nflug at nflug.org
cc: robert at muzzlethem.com


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