[nflug] saving time -- meetings on either side of the border

Daniel V cloudlakedreamer at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 12:42:37 EST 2009

In the interest of saving time, can you connect another hard drive to your machine or just connect an external drive ? Using another drive would give you a change to test your backup.  If you've got problems installing a program, then let us know what went wrong.

It's good that you've got the machine set up to your taste now, but it would be even better if you could save your data, and do a new install of Ubuntu 8.04.2 (just released) and set it up to what you want, then just restore the relevant data.

On November 27, 2008 I asked if anyone was interested in attending a meeting north of the border and didn't receive any responses. I'd be hoping to put together a meeting north of the border on a Saturday, and I have a place lined up, but I don't have access to a projector screen. Anyone have any ideas on how to borrow one ?

It would be nice if I could attend your Feb. meeting, but because of my work schedule I would miss most of the meeting, even if I could get a ride directly from work. as I don't have transportation right now. If my schedule changes, or I get into different work that allows me the opportunity to attend your LUG meetings, I would definitely try to attend.

Maybe someone has an American car for sale cheap ? I don't know what it takes to bring a car across the border from the States, but I'm sure it can be done. I suppose that's another thread on another list, haha.


--- On Mon, 1/12/09, Joe <josephj at main.nc.us> wrote:
I watch both dump and partimage complete - but they write to my secondary disk drive - so I know the file is good on that drive, but it doesn't tell me anything about the image of it that I later burn to CDROM and that will be the one I'll have to depend on for a restore. The one on disk is erased as soon as it has been burned to save space...
As for saving time, I've been through this process before. It takes 15
minutes or less to back up my home partition. My backup script as it is
now runs takes 3 - 4 hours by the time all the CD's are burned. I'd
probably throw the machine out before trying a bare metal restore
without a good backup. I expect that would take more than a week between
figuring out what to restore, finding it and then configuring it. I had
a lot of help from people like you on this list and elsewhere over
several years to get it humming like it does now. I'm sure there's quite
a few things I just wouldn't remember.


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