[nflug] SOX Compliance and NPOs

Robert Wolfe robert at muzzlethem.com
Sun Apr 26 08:14:28 EDT 2009

Good morning all!

I work as the IS Coordinator for a WNY-based NPO.  We currently move 
lots of email through our email server (running Exchange) and was doing 
some research as to whether or not our organization needs to be 
Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.  As such, I was searching for a decent 
opensource mail archiving application and found one that works for Linux 
and Windows -- MailArchiva.

Now that I have this running here, I was wondering if, seeing as I am 
the IT geek for our organization, I need to set up a mail archiving 
system (such as the one I use) as a step towards becoming SOX compliant?

Any info would be duly appreciated.

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