[nflug] VMWare/VirtualBox Virtualization problem under Fedora 8

robert at wolfe-n-wolfe-enterprises.com robert at wolfe-n-wolfe-enterprises.com
Tue Jan 29 15:58:52 EST 2008

On 1/29/2008 12:28 PM, nflug at nflug.org wrote to Robert Wolfe:

> Hello all,
> Long time reader, first time poster.
> I've been using RedHat/Fedora Core for about 7 years now, the past year
exclusively as a desktop and server OS. I've recently built a system from
spare parts which is capable of hardware virtualization, so I decided to
make an "all purpose" box. here's what I want to accomplish:
> 1. The base system is Fedora Core 8
> 2. I'm running Windows Vista in a VirtualBox VM (I have a universal
programmer which I haven't been able to locate software for for linux,
finding a working Windows versions was enough of a royal pain).
> 3. I want to run Solaris in a VM (haven't used it in about 3/4 years...
this is just for fun/learning).
> 4. I want to run NetBSD in a VM (I have some BSD work coming up, so I
figured I'd start to learn the differences between Linux and BSD now).
> 5. [Here's the kicker] I want to run Leopard (OS X 10.5) in a VM
(strictly for testing some cross-platform Apps, and web sites in Safari).
> So... Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) runs under VMWare Player (not very well might
I add... my CPU usage sits at 100%... feels like it's running on a 200MHz
machine it's so unresponsive).
> Leopard (10.5) gives an "Assertion Failed" error under VirtualBox because
VirtualBox doesn't support guest PAE. VMWare Player supposedly does, but I
get no helpful messages in the logs (just reports the last successful
operation, not what failed), and after the "Darwin Loading x86" message,
the VM simply dies w/o warning.
> I'm wondering if anyone has tried or accomplished running Leopard under
any virtualization software under any *nix systems and to what success, or
if anyone has any ideas what to try next?
> I use Fedora heavily as a desktop OS, that's why I'd prefer to keep it as
the host OS... a major performance hit running my primary OS under
virtualization would hurt.
> P.S. - I'm running Fedora 8 x86_64 because VMWare Player complained about
trying to run a 64-Bit guest (Leopard) under a 32-Bit host.
> P.P.S. - QEMU and KVM don't support Vista, so I haven't tried those at
all... Xen gave me absolutely horrible performance (I did a small
benchmarking to help make my decision of which VM to use)... This is my
reason for attepting with these two VM's.

Have you tried VMWare Server by any chance (it's free, you know? <G>) 

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