[nflug] RHEL 4

Corey Reichle coreyreichle at verizon.net
Fri Jan 4 07:58:58 EST 2008

The package should be somewhere on RHN.  You can probably install the version from RHEL5, even though it will complain a --force should work.

And like said previously, downloading the RPM from a CentOS repo and installing it will work as well.

From: Robert Wolfe <robert at niagara-panux.com>
Date: 2008/01/03 Thu PM 10:15:24 CST
To: nflug at nflug.org
Subject: [nflug] RHEL 4

Hi all!

I was wondering how one would upgrade from MySQL 4.1 to the latest 5.x
version on RHEL 4.6 without having to download and install the program
from the MySQL website?
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