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Subject: Enterprise Linux Implementation Conference
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Make the Enterprise Linux Connection at the Spring Implementation

The Enterprise Linux Institute's First 
Enterprise Linux Implementation Conference-Spring 2001
Conference: May 13-17, 2001
Exhibit: May 15-16, 2001
The Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Early Bird Deadline is March 30th!! 

In association with Enterprise Linux Magazine, the Enterprise Linux
Institute brings the first conference of its kind to information technology
professionals and management.  The Enterprise Linux Institute is focused
exclusively on the challenges faced by IT professionals bringing Linux and
related open source software into their information technology
infrastructures, empowering them to gain the benefits of Linux while
contributing to the growing Linux community. This conference represents a
first in the Linux industry - a conference event focused exclusively on the
needs of the IT professional managing enterprise IT infrastructures.

Come to the Spring 2001 Enterprise Linux Implementation Conference prepared
for in-depth sessions, highly skilled speakers, and lots to do. Featuring
full-day and half-day sessions covering topics ranging from Linux
fundamentals to Linux clustering, you will find the straightforward focus on
in-depth education a refreshing aspect of the conference. Novices can start
with a pre-conference full day seminar on Linux fundamentals specifically
designed to bring you up to speed quickly for the rest of the conference. To
keep abreast of the latest offerings from those leading the charge to bring
Linux to the enterprise environment, six half-day sessions from key
enterprise Linux providers are available. Timely coverage of hot topics such
as information security, clustering, high availability, secure networks,
systems management, and e-business are available in the Enterprise Strength
Linux and Linux for e-Business tracks. Learn what you need to know about
open source and free software from the people who have been involved from
the beginning and understand the needs and expectations of IT professionals
with an enterprise focus.  Plus, visit the exhibit hall without missing any
class time-exhibit hours are scheduled around the classes, so you won't miss
any of our high-quality courses.

While there are now a number of Linux events available, only the Enterprise
Linux Institute is focused exclusively on where Linux meets the enterprise
and the unique challenges and opportunities found at this critical
technology and business nexus.  This event will feature practical, real
world examples of Linux implementations in action, attracting IT
professionals from the Fortune 500 and other organizations bringing Linux
and large-scale IT together.

Come and join us.  Celebrate the beginning of something special. 

The Enterprise Linux Implementation Conference-Spring 2001


Getting Started 
Featuring a no-nonsense approach designed to get you up to speed quickly,
these five full-day courses are designed to get you up and running in a
sales-pitch-free environment. The courses in this track have 30 full hours
of education.

Linux for E-Business
Courses in this track focus on real-world implementations and will be taught
by a number of your peers, because we believe some of the best learning
takes place when peers get in a room together, led by a qualified IT

Enterprise Strength Linux
This track emphasizes important issues that come about upon implementing
Linux in a real-world business situation.

Open Source and Free Software
This track will be kicked off by Tim Ney of the Free Software Foundation and
Bruce Perens, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, and followed by
expert instructors.

Linux Provider Developments
The Linux community is being led by a number of key players providing
enabling products and services whose developments directly impact your Linux
implementation.  Therefore, the ELI has invited selected solution providers
to share their latest developments, plans, and contributions to the Linux
community in a series of half-day sessions. 

Online Registration Opens February 19! Seating is limited in many of the
sessions offered. Register early to ensure a place in your favorite classes.

To REGISTER and for additional information, visit



Spring Implementation Conference to Be Held in San Jose, CA May 13-17, 2001

March 16, 2001 (Chatsworth, CA) --- 101communications, a privately-held
company dedicated to the acquisition and operation of specialized IT media
and information services, has announced the creation of the Enterprise Linux
Institute (ELXI) to provide in-depth, high quality education and training in
the Enterprise Linux marketplace.  The announcement is 101communications'
latest move in their ongoing effort to establish a fully integrated presence
in support of Linux in the enterprise, and underscores its commitment to
provide information and services critical to the IT professional in the form
of publications, conferences, seminars and the Web.  

Co-sponsored by Linux International, ELXI (www.elxi.com
<http://www.elxi.com>) will hold its first conference in San Jose, CA from
May 13-17, 2001, where delegates will have the opportunity to enroll in
educational Linux courses, listen to keynote addresses from Linux experts
such as Jon "Maddog" Hall and Miguel de Icaza, attend panelist debates,
developer workshops and technical briefings and walk through an exhibit
floor featuring Linux International and top Linux vendors from around the

"The Enterprise Linux Institute will offer members the opportunity to gain
valuable insight and knowledge about the rapidly changing Linux industry,"
said Marty Lieberman, Group General Manager of 101communications IT Events.
"The Institute will provide the forum for members to network, share ideas
and gain a competitive edge in deploying a Linux solution in the

The Institute is dedicated to educating business and information technology
professionals about the strategies, techniques and tools required to
successfully design, build, manage and maintain Linux platforms and
Linux-based applications and systems. In addition, the Institute will
promote the advancement of Linux research, knowledge transfer and the
professional development of its members. ELXI will sponsor and promote a
worldwide membership, periodic educational conferences, resource packed
publications, an in-depth research program and a comprehensive Web site.  

The Institute recently released its technical program for the first Spring
Implementation Conference, featuring leading authorities and educators in
the Linux marketplace delivering full day conference content.  This
conference and seminar format was popularized with 101communications' highly
successful Data Warehousing Institute, which has educated over 15,000
members in all aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence over
the past four years.

The Spring Implementation Conference will host the charter meeting of ELXI
members. Bringing together Linux industry notables including Jon "Maddog"
Hall, Executive Director of Linux International; Miguel De Icaza, Founder of
Gnome and CTO Ximian; Ross Brunson, Director of Instructor Operations of
SAIR Linux; David Farace, Alex T. Win and Jeremy Allison from VA Linux, and
Russell Pavlicek of Compaq, the ELXI Spring Implementation Conference
promises to be a hotbed of discussion and debate.  Visit www.elxi.com
<http://www.elxi.com> for additional information.

About 101communications

Founded in 1998, 101communications is an integrated media company in the
business-to-business market aimed at the many specialized targets within the
greater information technology community. 101's portfolio includes 13
magazines, more than 30 conferences and extensive digital offerings in the
U.S. and Europe in five areas: Software Development (Application Development
Trends, Java Report, Journal of Object-Oriented Programming, Application
Development Advisor, JavaSPEKTRUM, OBJEKTspektrum, SIGS/101 Conferences);
Vertical Markets (Recharger Magazine, Recharger WorldExpo, Copier
Marketplace, Syllabus, Syllabus Conferences); Windows Certification
(Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, MCP TechMentor  Conferences),
Enterprise Technology (Enterprise Systems, The Data Warehousing Institute,
Enterprise Linux Institute, IT Events) and Government Technology (Federal
Computer Week, civic.com, E-Gov). For more information on 101communications
visit www.101com.com <http://www.101com.com>.        

# # #

CONTACT:  Michael Robinson
	          818/734-1520 x215
	          mrobinson at 101com.com

Michael Robinson
Marketing Associate - SIGS/101 Conferences
9121 Oakdale Ave., Suite #101
Chatsworth, CA 91311
818/734-1520 x215 (phone)
818/734-1529 (fax)
mrobinson at 101com.com


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