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Mon Mar 19 10:03:20 EST 2001

the nflug server is on a T1 link to a tier2 ISP, thanks to the cognigen
corp. i personally have a buffnet account, i don't have the need, yet
for anything faster at home. i also surf a T at work so there's not need
yet. a few of the guys here at cognigen that have DLS, some company that
didn't backout of the area. as for server farms, i'm pretty sure there
are a few locally. i'll get back to you on it.

doesn't everyone love virii! there a plenty of virus packages available
for unix, i've always prefered mcafee or sophos. the latter supporting
many flavors of unix. unless your using your linux/unix server as a file
server to windows clients it's probably not really necessary. if your
using sendmail as an SMTP gateway or server there are a number of
packages out there that will scan all incoming mesages. checkout rav
anti-virus,, there's also amavis i played with amavis for about an afternoon but
didn't have much luck.

> "Ronald K. Wechter" wrote:
> Broadband:
> What other alternatives to DSL and/or cable are there in Buffalo?  If
> one wanted to start running a server (which I had for a bit until
> Covad, Rythms, and a few otheres went out of buisness) what can they
> do?  Partial T1's are still a bit pricey and I have not heard of any
> server farms in the area?  Darrin -- How are you running your server
> (what speed line?).
> Virus Protection:
> With all the viri issues lately (about 4 - 5 new viri in the last
> couple weeks), how can linux users protect themselves and their
> servers?  I have searched much on this problem and there really seems
> not to be an progs to do this (at least readily available).  Does one
> even need to run virus protection in linux if they maintain the latest
> patches?
> Server for sale:
> Im not trying to profit off of this (with depreciation there is no way
> ill even see a penny), but, if anyone is interested I am selling my
> "server".  It is loaded -- Dual PIII 550 Xeons, 512MB ECCC RAM, 2 LVD
> 9GB (10k Seagate), 2 LVD 18GB (10k IBM), HUGE case all passive
> cooling, redundant power supplies, 15 cooling fans, RAID Port
> (ARO1130U2 w/64MB RAM), all HD Drives are in removable drive bays.
> Thats all I can think of.  I have all original receipts and I do have
> dig pics if anyone is interested.  Reason for selling: All DSL
> companies have pulled out of my area and I am stuck with Adelphia
> cable.  A T1 cannot be installed where I live because it is
> "Residential".  The money from this comp goes towards a laptop for
> myself :) -- Please pass the word.
> Thanks,
> Ronald K. Wechter
> Network Systems Administrator
> Navy Recruiting Department Buffalo
> (716) 551-4901

Darin Perusich
Unix Administrator
Cognigen Corp.
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