NT vs. Linux

Luberti, Carl carl.luberti at eds.com
Thu Mar 1 19:16:53 EST 2001

I know most of you have heard the news regarding tests pitting NT servers
against Linux servers, in which the NT servers "win" the test (rigged as
hell, if you ask me...).  Anyways, on to my point.  I wanted to let everyone
know that within our organization, we had two major server outages today
(nothing causing loss of data, due to failover) in which two NT4 and one W2K
file and print servers for our SouthEast region (from Texas east to Florida
and north to Kansas, and all states between).  We also had a Red Hat server
running kernel 2.0 crash today as well, along with the Windows servers.  All
over the company bulletin boards were employees bashing linux, saying "look,
it crashed too, just like the NT servers".  What they neglected to see was
that the Red hat server had an uptime of 2 years, 3 months, 6 days, 2 hours,
and 36 minutes, with an average load of 62%.  The NT servers?  Up for 1
week, 3 days, 11 hours and 6 minutes.  Average load?  28%.  Anyone want to
argue with me on this now???  Oh, and we have just as many Linux servers as
NT servers in our server farm in the SouthEast region... :O)

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