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Robert Meyer meyer_rm at
Wed Feb 21 10:18:44 EST 2001

I apologise for not getting this out sooner.  It's been a tough week so far.

The meeting on Sunday was more a discussion session than hardware/software
working session. In fact, we didn't hook up the internet connection because
noone needed to do anything out there.  It was a very lively discussion about
Linux/NT integration and a general discussion about NT interconnectivity

It turns out that two newer members (sorry guys, I probably won't remember your
names for at least two more months :-), are very NT and Linux savvy.  We
discussed using Linux as a Windows NT PDC (primary domain controller) and the
stability that this created.  It turns out that one of the guys has been using
a linux PDC for quite a while with NO downtime.  It truly stuns a lot of people
when you tell them that your network has 100% uptime over a year or more.  This
is especially true in a Windows network where network service crashes are
almost expected.

This was a slow week due to a computer show and a Hamfest both going on the
same day.  Still, we had a good time and good discussion.

We need topics for discussion and/or volunteers to demonstrate things for the
next meeting.  If you have any ideas, please send them to the list and we'll be
able to work out the details for the meeting.

As always, questions, concerns and reqests for assistance are accepted on the
list any time.


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