[OMS] Open Media System: DVD player application

Devon Null devnull at butcherfamily.com
Fri Feb 16 12:29:27 EST 2001

[OMS] Open Media System: DVD player application

Open Media System DVD Player

There are user 
and developer downloads. 

For the brave there is also CVS access.

Debian and RedHat package information is in the HOWTO.


Look in the wiki 
at the OMS page 
and the HOWTO.
What is it?

The DVD player application being developed is part of the Open Media
System, or OMS. The DVD player application will support hardware
acceleration at several levels: from no acceleration, to full DVD decoding.

DVD Decoder cards that are being supported currently are: the Matrox DVD
Module, and the Creative Labs Dxr2. In order to support other decoder
cards, we need documentation on the chipsets. 

If you have access to the documentation, and would like to see a chipset
support, please mail the developers <livid-dev at linuxvideo.org>. You can
subscribe to LiViD mailinglists at our subscription page.

Hardware acceleration will also be provided in the form of backend scalar
engines, color conversion, and motion compensation for various video cards.
Currently, there is support for the Matrox G200/G400, and alpha support for
ATI Rage Pro chips. There are plans to support 3dfx cards, as well as
Nvidia chipsets. If you are interested in seeing other chipsets supported,
again we need documentation on the chip - contact the developers.

Support for MMX, 3dnow, and MVI (aka MMX on steroids for Alpha's)
instruction optimizations
are also going to be provided.

The 2.4.x series kernels will have support for DVD drives, and it will no
longer be necassary to patch the kernel for DVD support. If you have a
2.2.x kernel, you can get the cdrom-patch module out of CVS to get DVD
support. Thanks go out to the cdrom kernel maintainer, Jens Axobe for DVD
drive support.


Here is a diagram of DVD support in OMS. 

This diagram gives you an overview about the way OMS works.

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