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Hello Micah and all NFLUG,
  My name is Peter Jarzynka, I went to the last meeting of NFLUG to start
acquainting myself to Linux. I have worked somewhat with Linux as a server
in a Windows workstation environment and have been very impressed by it's
stability. In the next week or so, I will be getting a business DSL service
line installed at my place of business. I would like to set up a DNS, Web
and Email server using Linux as well as using it as a fire wall and possibly
a proxy. We host web domains and I need to set that up too, I will have the
static IP's. I also need to setup a dial-up service with the DSL (our
clients to dial in to access the internet), we currently have around 25
customers that use us for there internet access, which we broker out at this
point. I can adjust the bandwidth on the DSL as needed. I also have a
database project in the works using Access 2000 that I could use some help
with if your interested. I should be at the next meeting. Let me know if you
or any of you are interested in helping with these tasks. We are a small
company and have limited funds, however, we do have many resources that
could be mutually beneficial.

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I took the past semester off from school and haven't been in Buffalo
since last August, so I haven't been to a meeting since then. Thus, I
doubt anyone remembers me.

Nonetheless, I'm back now, and I'm looking for a programming job.
Since a good share of you work with computers, I was wondering
whether any of you had any ideas about where I might look for a job
(preferably one that is not centered around Microsoft stuff). I am
proficient in C, C++, Perl and I also do Palm development.

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thing to post to this list,
since it IS supposed to be about discussing Linux. However, I have
had difficulty trying to find a job where I could use Linux, and
thought maybe one of you might have some insights. If it is
inappropriate, please moderate this message into oblivion and accept
my sincere apologies.


Micah Valine

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