Last meeting notes (FONTS)

Charles Rishel chaz03 at
Sun Aug 26 11:01:16 EDT 2001

The disk's are net-card specific at creation time, so one of my floppies 
(of course I have backups) will likely not work on your system, but would 
be glad to help you out on creating the floppies.  As far as the configs, 
here is that information.

rc.local.. which can be edited when you go into the network settings, it is 
#3 and states (rc.local)

# Coyote local command init script

#I am moving ftp off of port 21 as I am getting hit left and right..
#going to move it up with the telnet window
/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L your-ip open-port -R 192.168.x.x 21

#/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L your-ip open-port -R 192.168.x.x 80
#Added on 6/15 to enable portforwarding of web server

/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L your-ip open-port -R 192.168.x.x 23
#Added on 6/15 to enable port forwarding for telnet
<< EOF >>

that moves your services offered off of the well known ports.. of course I 
removed my specific information..
in "your-ip" of course you have to enter your specific ip address.. if it 
is given to you via dhcp you may want to change this to be a network 
interface.. I know my ip is pretty much always the same so I hard coded it 
in.. and "open-port" should be off of the well known ports.. ie above 1024..
you will also have to change the internal net address of the box that you 
are connecting to.. I have 192.168.x.x above.. you may have done internal 
ip addressing differently than I did.

I know these settings don't offer the best security, but I have not seen 
any hits in my logfiles since implementing these few rules.. I also suggest 
that after you get your firewall/router setup you use a linux box and do an 
nmap or some other form of portscan to see what else you have to close up.

On the MySQL database, I installed Mandrake 8.0 yesterday and it even has 
MySQL as an installation option.  Have some more work to do on the box, but 
I am keeping a diary of the installation/setup that I  would be willing to 
share with anyone in the group that is interested in such things.
As far as Access, I don't use it.. as a matter of fact, that is why I 
failed my DB class in school, I carried an A throughout the semester, but 
the final project that was worth 50% of the grade was to be done in Access, 
and I refused to do it.. teacher thought I was irrational, and was probably 
The good news is that they are now using Oracle for the class project, so 
when I retake the class there should not be issues LOL.. I don't mind 
Oracle.  Just M$


At 10:56 AM 8/25/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello Charles,
>  That would be great if you could email me your configs or perhaps let me 
> ftp it. If you have a floppy sized copy (1.44mb) That I could acquire, 
> that would be fantasitic. I really appreciate your help, Thanks! I have 
> some experience with databases as far as Access is concerned and I have 
> setup a couple VPN and Terminal Services clients for use with Databases, 
> I may be able to lend a hand. I have found that working with $indoz and 
> Linux that it gives a unique perspective for the whole picture and puts 
> light on things that normally would'nt be shown. I am very interested in 
> learning MySQL. Please let me know about the disk, I think it would be 
> best if I could get a copy of your Coyote router project, as you may show 
> me configs in that that would differ from the Linux router project that I 
> have (2.9.8). Thanks again, peter at
>Charles Rishel wrote:
>>Hey Pete,
>>I also run coyote Linux.. running it on what used to be my P166, which 
>>has been scaled back to a P133.  I have 64MB of RAM in it (donated the 
>>other un-necessary 64MB to a friend who needed it) and it runs 
>>awesome.  It is extremely stable, and not hard to configure.
>>After install, I made sure to move my ftp and telnet ports to non-well 
>>known ports.. at first I left ftp on 21, but was getting a lot of hits 
>>[all refused of course :-) ] and so I figured to keep a low profile, I 
>>would move them, haven't been hit since :-)).  I am not running a web 
>>server yet as I haven't had time to work on a suitable index page, but my 
>>web server is available to my internal boxes.
>>At any rate, I have found that it (CoyoteLinux) normally runs on about 
>>10MB of ram, talk about a small footprint!! I would be willing to email 
>>you my configs if you would like, I didn't setup anything extravagant, 
>>just what I needed at the time.
>>It is extremely nice to be able to have my lan online 24/7 and telnet 
>>into my box from work.  Gonna look into installing SSH onto my fileserver 
>>soon so that I can sleep even BETTER at night, knowing that I am quite 
>>well protected.
>>Oh, as a side note, since Adelphia is my cable inet provider, and they 
>>prohibit running servers, I find it QUITE convenient to have my open 
>>ports off of the well known ports, that way if they scan for web servers 
>>and such, I get past their probes, as they only probe the well-known 
>>ports :-)).
>>BTW.. anyone interested in embedded linux should check out they 
>>have some AWESOME cards available.. **drool**
>>Hopefully I will be able to make a meeting one of these months, but my 
>>work schedule is whacked..working graveyard with Mon & Tues evenings off.. :-((
>>Will also be working on installing/setting up MySQL on a box to work on a 
>>database project at work, anyone with any tips/tricks/hints I would be 
>>MORE than happy to talk to ya..
>>Gotta love the versatility of Linux.
>>At 08:38 AM 8/22/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>>Hello All,
>>>   I was just wondering this morning if this mail list had stopped or if I
>>>had become removed or something because I havent had any mail from this in a
>>>while, especially about last Sunday, which I apparently missed and would
>>>have really enjoyed the Font topic, anyway, I have been majorly busy
>>>scrambling to reconfigure my networks here as my current SDSL provider of 4
>>>months is pulling out of the area. Luckily there is a provider taking over
>>>for them but with new IP allocations and my router that cost $700 will not
>>>work with there DSLAM. So as is becoming a practice, I have been turning to
>>>Linux for help. I have downloaded and made a boot disk with the Linux Router
>>>Project version 2.9.8 and have it up and running, completely running off ram
>>>from a floppy, NO HDD NEEDED! Anyway, after searching all over on the net, I
>>>have found nothing in respect to how to configure and use this. I am not
>>>that savvy in configuring a router in the first place but the one that I did
>>>have, was pretty simple. Does anyone have any experience in this? If so and
>>>you think you might be able to help, I could explain my IP config's,etc.
>>>What a great way to use that 486!(I currently have it on a p166). Any help
>>>as always would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, peter at
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>>>Subject: Last meeting notes (FONTS)
>>>This past Sunday we took an exploratory look at Fonts in Linux.
>>>Here are some links to articles that will help any one interested in using
>>>TrueType or Type 1 fonts on a Linux box in X, Printing and StarOffice.
>>>FIRST:  Read the Font HOWTO.  It is a must to really understand the way
>>>work in Linux and make the whole font server vs. print server thign much
>>>Then if you are interested in StarOffice the StarOffice documentation
>>>on installing Fonts)can be better understood (although having read the above
>>>may eliminate the need to read teh SO docs, but it's good info anyway.  The
>>>HOWTO goes into installing fonts in StarOffice actually less confusing than
>>>SO doc.
>>>Then to Find FONTS go to :
>>>EVEN IF you don't use MAndrake the article is still worthwhile.  Not only
>>>it point out where fonts can be retrieved, but also has a short discussion
>>>EULA's and the usability of "proprietery" fonts in an Open Source
>>>MY SUGGESTION.  I read the Font How To and the thing that stuck out clearest
>>>was LINUX supports Type 1 Fonts wihtout any hassle and there is a tool to
>>>convert TT to Type 1 fonts GUES what I did, YUP converted my TT fonts to
>>>Type 1
>>>and they work!
>>>After doing all the steps manually you may feel that it is better done by a
>>>single tool.  Well that tool has been created and is made to work under KDE.
>>>IT is called kfontinst and can be found at:
>>>I wasn't able to get it to compile but if you have success please report
>>>The test I finally did when finished was to create the same document in
>>>StarOffice and Word (with many different Font sizes, dimensions etc) and
>>>each document in the other app.  I was able to see and print almost all the
>>>fonts (still can't print Courier New from MS on a SO box :-(  ).
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