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Here's some information about a software design contest that may interest
the NFLUG: 

DevelopOnline, http://www.DevelopOnline.com, a company that enables
developers to build embedded electronic products via the Internet, has
launched a Software Design Contest.

DevelopOnline provides pre-configured development environments for proven
microprocessor-based platforms. DevelopOnline provides development tools,
including a cross-compilation toolchain when appropriate. The developer,
however, has complete software control over the pre-configured device. All
of it is running Linux. 

What this means is Linux users can access working reference designs,
configure Linux, and execute on a test board all within DevelopOnline's
secure environment. 

The deadline to enter DevelopOnline's Software Design Contest is August 17,
2001. The winner will receive national recognition, plus $10,000. Fifteen
runners-up receive $1,000 each. 

What is DevelopOnline looking for? Here's a sample of a few of the entries:
* Remote control of computer systems through cell phone/pager	
* System power management
* Remote operation of a home security system through the Internet

If any of your members are interested, they can visit our Web site for more
information: www.DevelopOnline.com <http://www.DevelopOnline.com>.


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