ISDN and Linux?

Gregory J.Neumann gjn at
Tue Aug 7 12:54:40 EDT 2001

Not at all!  I was just trying to be funny.  Just goes along w/ what I 
expect for this kind of project: lots of "phone tag", a week or so after 
the "you'll absolutely have it no later than" date the initial testing is 
finally done, an unspecified period of time after that a good, 
knowledgeable tech shows up w/ a hopelessly screwed up work order w/ the 
proper parts for the work order, but not for what you want done, and 
>eventually<, it all works! ;-)

I've been trying to get something (ANYTHING!!!) better than POTS out here 
for 3 years now! :-( If we get lucky this time (3rd year's the charm?), 
I'll probably leave the ISDN router thing alone and connect my SmoothWall 
firewall to it, then parcel it out to the Windoze boxes. Hopefully, this 
will end up being "a good thing" tm.!


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On 8/7/01, 12:11:27 PM, Darin Perusich <Darin.Perusich at> 
wrote regarding Re: ISDN and Linux?:

> sorry, i didn't mean to discourage you. once verison fixed all there
> problems the link was very stable.

> darin

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