ISDN and Linux?

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ISDN tends to be expensive. on top of any ISP fees you're likely to have
to pay for the ISDN line installation and maintance, like with any other
phone line. but there are also usage fees on the line which are per
minute. isdn routers can cost any where from a few hundred dollars to
few thousand. the ones that i've worked with are external devices that
have rj-45 ports to connect to a hub/switch or x-over to you pc.

here's my isdn horror story. when the company i worked for moved last
summer verison went on strike and didn't get our T1 installed, another
horror story. we had an isdn line in our old building for backup and
isdn in the new complex. since we had the old building for a few months
we kept our T1 there and used isdn to bridge between the 2 networks. for
course when we where setting up the isdn routers it wouldn't dial out.
we had verison techs out to look at the line 5 times over a 2 week
period before they actually fixed the 3 or 4 seperate problems. in the
mean time we speaker netted our POP server over the the T1 to pickup
email, fun fun. it turns out that verison had the isdn setup to
translate like a cell phone, which took over a week to figure out.  


"Gregory J.Neumann" wrote:
> Well, I've reached the bitter end in the "Quest for Access", ISDN.  From
> what little experience I've had w/ Linux and internet access, POTS/Modem
> and Cable Modem, I would expect that ISDN access and routing to other
> computers is a doable thing.  But I have no clue and providers don't do
> much to help!  Has anybody had any experience with Linux/ISDN setups?
> Any "gotchas" to look out for?  It's still iffy if we can get ISDN, but
> I'd like to be prepared.
> Greg--
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