MacOSX update

James Simmons jsimmons at
Thu Apr 19 23:15:00 EDT 2001

>I've heard Linus Torvald and a host of others talk about the MacOS
>X Kernel, anyone else, care to comment on that?

Hum. Micro kernel design. Instead of one context switch like the one we
have for linux (useland to kernel) we have several since we have to threw
lots of crap like userland land libraries that manage things like memory
management. NT works this way we see how well it performs. Someone at work
gave MacOS X a try. Forget about using the command line. He tired to
shutdown apache from the command line and his machine became unstable. The
reason being is their is so much crap on top that depends on things below
like apache running. When you go to turn it off on the command line all
that crap above isn't aware of it. Oops your system becomes unstable. Your

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