MacOSX update

[Darth] Snowbeam linux at
Thu Apr 19 08:44:59 EDT 2001

The first update for MacOS X was recently released. I noticed, ssh was
included, which is something I consider to be pretty important, security
wise in the update (equivalent to a "Updates & Errata" for Red Hat Linux
or a "Service pack" for Windows).

I'm no Mac enthusiast, but my interest has been sparked with MacOS X and I
was wondering if anyone is aware of other things available with MaxOS X,
fore example, sudo, samba, etc...

I've heard Linus Torvald and a host of others talk about the MacOS
X Kernel, anyone else, care to comment on that?

- [Darth] Snowbeam

"It is not fear that keeps the elephant wary of the mouse, it is his
wisdom that reminds him not to underestimate his opponent" -me

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