James Simmons jsimmons at
Tue Apr 10 23:39:35 EDT 2001

>Another thing that would be cool to go over would be FrameBuffer
>Devices.... for the console at least.  I have found the most benefit
>using it through console, offering high resolution & such.  You get
>really cool results with minimal work (minus kernel compiling).

They are pretty neat. That is why I'm maintainer of the framebuffer layer
for the kernel. Really great for small embedded devices like hand held
movie players. Like the ones I play with at work. They are the only thing
avaiable on the PPC and sparc platform. As for what you can do with
framebuffers. Wait until 2.5.X and see the neat tricks I have planned for
it :-) Much improvements to it and the console layer.

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