Job Listings?

JJ Neff jjneff at
Mon Apr 9 23:51:54 EDT 2001

Looking for a tech-job in buffalo is a relatively easy thing (your mileage may

I have used Computer People when I was interested in temp work and SDC.  MANY
of the folks I work with now have come through SDC.  Just mention John Neff and
maybe I'll get a free lunch :-o  SDC really worked hard to find me something I
liked and fit my needs.  Some people work for SDC and are contract to perm,
others are direct hires that SDC fits into positions.

When I was looking to leave my last employer I contacted them and they were
discreet, professional, and lined up 3 different interviews in almost no time. 
THey also helped me sell myself as I have a tendency to downplay what skills I
have outside of computers.

I have worked with SDC but I am sure others here have used other companies,
just make sure they do the things I mentioned above at a minimum.

I also work with a group of people who were contracted through Kelly services. 
We just recently hired to full time positions 2 people in my dept who were
temps.  They have a good reputation as far as I know.

Good Luck

(What are you skilled in - we sometimes need folks at Praxair)


--- Carl Yost <carlyos at> wrote:
> Hello everyone ;). I just wanted to ask everyone here if they knew the best
> Job Network area for Buffalo. I am looking to leave my current job, and was
> wondering if anyone had any real good luck with either job sites or
> recruiters. I haven't seem to have much luck with either, and was just
> looking fo a little advice. If I went over the boundries of what we discuss
> here, please le me know.
>  Sincerely,
>  Carl

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