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Mon Apr 9 12:40:46 EDT 2001

John Neff and I were chatting about the next this morning on the way into work.
 It seems that next Sunday (or this coming Sunday, depending on your
perception) is going to be Easter Sunday.  I'm sure that most folks of the
Christian persuasion want to spend that time with their families so I think
that we'll reschedule the meeting for Sunday, April 22.  That will give us some
more time to think of something to work on for the meeting.

John suggested that we have a meeting dedicated to security.  With the new
information and misinformation coming out about Linux exploits and supposed
viruses, I think that it would be good to spend some time talking about what
kinds of tools are available for three key areas:
1) Protection from intrusion (per machine and site wide)
2) Intrusion detection
3) Clean up after a breach

I have some ideas on item 1, have little experience with item 2 and have never
had to do item 3.  Is there anyone in the group (or maybe several of us) that
could put together some good, sensible information on this stuff?  I remember
that there was a discussion some time ago about whether no security measure is
too much versus an assessed risk/cost approach is better.

I think that we could go a long way towards helping our fellow Linux admins
(and Unix in general) by trying to generate a list of things to do and what not
to do in a security conscious environment.

Anybody have comments/information/(complaints about my use of parenthetical
phrases :-)?


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