[nflug] Samba Question

Robert Wolfe robertwolfe at localnet.com
Sat May 24 18:08:16 EDT 2008

On Fri, 23 May 2008 18:48:59 -0400
eric <eric at bootz.us> wrote:

> Hi Robert, I've been using webmin which is really helpful in learning 
> samba as a file server as long as you have all the right packages for 
> your samba server you can synchronize unix and samba accounts quite 
> simply ...its newbie friendly

Well, nice thing is, is thanks to the folks who posted messages in response to my Samba question, I now have a perfectly functional Samba file server up and running at work! :)  Now it's just time to move everything off our Windows 2000 Advanced Server based file server onto the more powerful Debian based one :)

Thanks again everyone!

Robert Wolfe <robertwolfe at localnet.com>

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