[nflug] Sendmail Percent Hack

justin.bennett at dynabrade.com justin.bennett at dynabrade.com
Fri May 9 09:20:09 EDT 2008

Hey Guys,

        I have a mail server running sendmail-8.12.11 and have found it to 
be susceptible to a percent hack Where if I address an email to anyuser at 
a domain supported by this server but place the real recipient address in 
the username portion (replaceing the @ with a %) it will relay the 
message.  This can be exploited by spammers.

For example if you send a message to:

joesmoe%company.com at mydomain.com

The message will be delivered to the mailserver for mydomain.com then 
relayed by sendmail to the appropriate place.

Is there a way to turn off this 'feature' in sendmail. 


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