[nflug] any hints?

Eric Benoit eric at bootz.us
Fri May 2 13:48:33 EDT 2008

Darin Perusich wrote:
> You need to explain what you're trying accomplish, your question 
> doesn't provide enough information. Why is samba communicating 
> directly with ldap instead of using pam?
> Only under certain conditions should you send passwords uncrypted to 
> an ldap server, I'm sure others will argue otherwise but there are 
> reasons for doing so.
> Eric Benoit wrote:
>> should I use clear text password when communicating between openldap 
>> and samba... yikes? they are going to be on the same system
I followed a simple setup for ubuntu to run samba and openldap which I 
then enabled roaming users from winXP machines... it works great.

now I'm trying to implement this same system on a debian etch system 
only now I want more security, where the ubuntu setup had none

The Debian server will act like an Active Directory and contain all the 
file/print/roaming user info and shares locally.

I apologies for keeping it short, but I just need vague direction...   :)

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