[nflug] Building 32-bit bins on Ubuntu AMD64

David J. Andruczyk djandruczyk at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 26 18:34:40 EDT 2008

i beleive u can do it with the cross tools.

dave at shrapnel:~$ apt-cache search cross |grep compil
apt-cross - retrieve, build and install libraries for cross-compiling
distcc - Simple distributed compiler client and server
dpkg-cross - tools for cross compiling Debian packages

Essentially you are cross compiling, as you are using one arch to build apps for another.   I use mingw32 so I can build Windows apps under linux. (my GTK+ programs, whichi run on linux, freebsd, OS-X and windows).  

Setting up a cross-compiler cane be challenging,  but it can't hurt to look at apt-cross and dpkg-cross..

 -- David J. Andruczyk

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> Run a i386 Virtual Machine...   ;-)
> I don't know of any way to compile a 32 bit app on a 64 bit OS...

Yeah I know the first solution, but I seem to recall someone posting instructions as to how to build 32-bit bins under the AMD64 distro of Ubuntu.
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