[nflug] Guest Speaker...

Robert Wolfe robert at muzzlethem.com
Sun Jul 20 09:33:42 EDT 2008

Received this email from the Postfix author in my mailbox this morning 
with regards to speaking at one of the NFLUG meetings:


I can talk about Postfix and non-Postfix things such as secure
programming or PHP. However, I can't teach people how to run their
email infrastructure, because my hands-on experience has been
limited to a two-person domain for the past 10+ years.

If you were within same-day distance, then I could hop over any
day like I do with talks in NY city, where I don't even bother
asking people to pay for the train/subway ticket.

In your case we're talking about a 6-7 hour trip each way and travel
expenses. If it can't be combined with my trip to DFRWS 2008 in
Baltimore (10-13 August), then it would have to be end of November
or later."

Any thoughts would be welcomed.


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