[nflug] Downgrading from kubuntu hardy to gutsy

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Tue Jul 8 12:48:58 EDT 2008

Short version:
How do I "upgrade" from kubuntu hardy to gutsy?

Long version:
I just upgraded from kubuntu gutsy to hardy on my notebook.

Toward the end of the upgrade, it had several (minor looking) errors and
it couldn't find something like kde-icons-mono and said it would go into
recovery mode to back out the upgrade.  Shortly thereafter, it locked up.

When I rebooted, hardy was there and works but it locked up after a few
minutes of doing normal things.

One other weirdness is that my wifi indicator light that worked fine in
gutsy is now always off even though wifi and the wifi switch seem to be
working normally.

I went into aptitude and adept and cleaned up a few things.
Still lockups.

I booted a live CD and cleaned up a bunch of problems on /dev/sda4 (my
primary Linux partition) with e2fsck.

I went back into adept and installed Openoffice and miro.

Now, maybe things will be OK, but if they're not,  I want to go back to

How do I do that - just edit my apt sources list and change all the 
hardy's to gutsy's and  run an upgrade all?

Help appreciated.



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