[nflug] ISP troubleshooting from a TW employee's point of view

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>I can understand the customer's point of view.

I used to work for TW here in Buffalo when it was Adelphia.  I remember 
getting chastised by one of the Tier 1 supervisors for actually helping a 
customer that ran Linux.  We were always getting told, "Tell the customer we 
only provide settings for Linux setups, nothing more."  This was BS.  If I 
could help a fellow Linux users, I would.

> I actually agree with you that people should be
> trained in GNU/Linux, but then that brings up the
> question of how to justify training them, putting them
> on a team, and opening a phone bank. How many
> GNU/Linux geeks are going to call ?

As far as Linux/Unix training is concerned, I agree.  Anyone that uses a 
computer or works in I.T. should be trained on Linux/Unix.  I teach 
Linux/Unix at Trocaire College as part of their Computer Networking 
Technology curriculum.  I have to say that in the two semesters I have been 
the class' instructor, I have seen a high degree of interest in the Linux 
operating system for both as a server OS as well as a standalone desktop OS. 

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