[nflug] (off-topic) Speed vs. cache?

K O wpos2 at roadrunner.com
Wed Sep 12 16:52:09 EDT 2007


I'm building a system for fun, from parts I have lying around, including 
a P3 600/512/100/2.05.  The board will accept up to a P3 1GHz (at least 
theoretically).  Fact (according to Intel's Web site): the fastest P3 
with 512 KB L2 cache clocks at 600 MHz.  Some of you will see what I'm 
getting at.  If not, then:

600 MHz/.5 MB cache vs. 1000 MHz/.25 MB cache - any particular advantage 
  to either setup?

I'm inclined to keep the 600.  Twice the cache sounds better to me than 
twice the speed.  I don't have any particular plans for this machine. 
Perhaps I can ask for suggestions for that.  Please - nothing involving 
seemingly impossible acts of anatomy.

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