[nflug] ISP troubleshooting from a TW employee's point of view

anthonyriga torrodimerda at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 08:43:09 EDT 2007

I understand where your coming from I also did support
on the phone too myself and know what its like. Im my
case I did offer TW tier2 the traceroute and explained
to them what speeds and hops were dropping. As far as
being nice I was very patient. I was hung up on once
because the tier 1 techs phone didnt work right no
biggie called back and when I asked the tier one
person if I could talk to a tier 2 person she said
"there not gonna be able to do anything for ya" the
wait times where 45 minutes average and instisted on
having a tech to come out and check the cable lines.
No biggie I just wanted to see if tier 2 could solve
the problem without me having to take a day off from
work to wait between 9-5 for someone to come and check
the lines. Plus without having my connection I cant
even vpn from home to work. I do work in IT and for
sure have respect for anybody doing this kind of work.

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