[nflug] Port replicators

anthonyriga torrodimerda at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 10:11:56 EST 2007

Company I work for has alot of remote users and users
with laptops. One such laptops our company buys are
Toshibas. Some of the older port replicators we have
use ps/2 connections and actually lock on to the
docking station requiring no driver software and work
with Windows and Linux they work great.  After one
went bad our company decided to send me a dynadock
that connects to the laptops to usb port and requires
software drivers to connect vid,networking sound to
the Windows laptop. Is this another MS trend I see
getting people to use windows only? Now these port
replicators require Windows software drivers to get
them to work rather then just attaching them on the
port rep. Funny thing too is when installing the
driver software the instructions dont even metion
about having rights to install software on the Windows
OS it is just assumed the user has rights. Just wanted
to rant to people who understand!!! 

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