[nflug] Fedora 7 to 8 upgrade woes

K O wpos2 at roadrunner.com
Mon Nov 19 09:45:29 EST 2007

Hi Folks.

First, thanks to everyone for your input.  Now on to my rant, rave, and 

I looked at the bug report mentioned previously in the thread, and did 
what it suggested, namely, add the 
updates=http://katzj.fedorapeople.org/. . .  to the boot parameter of 
the install.  This started last night, and it seems to be going as 
slowly as before.  If the dependency check is still at 99% by the time I 
get home, then it will be back to the drawing board.  I may just have to 
bite the bullet and fdisk that drive.  Not the worst of circumstances: 
actually a potentially good thing since it gives me a chance to get rid 
of all the crapola since FC5.

Robert Wolfe pisze:
> On Sun, 18 Nov 2007 21:07:10 -0800 (PST)
> Daniel V <cloudlakedreamer at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I like RedHat GNU/Linux a lot. I was wary of Fedora a
>> while back when it wouldn't see my firewire external
>> drives. I switched to CentOs (Enterprise Red Hat
>> without the branding/logos/support). Fedora is
>> cutting-edge, but I don't want those head-aches... I
>> just want to manage my home network and geek out, not
>> deal with alpha/beta-testing stuff... I'm not knocking
>> Fedora, I tried the lastest Fedora 8, but I need
>> stability in a system.
> I have to add, too, that the fact that Red Hat makes a DVD .iso for 
> RHEL Server 5.1 available for downloading helps things out quite a
> bit for us paying customers as well :)  It's too bad they didn't 
> do the same for the 5-oh! release :)

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