[nflug] Image backups

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Fri Nov 2 01:22:14 EDT 2007

Stephen wrote:
> dvd dump 4gig to 8gig depending on size of dvd
> mark k wrote:
>> The only thing you could do differently is increase the size of the
>> dumps to 1gb, I think standard dvd format has 1 gb file limitations,
>> there could be some other format for the disks to make files bigger
>> though.
>> On 10/28/07, *Joe* <josephj at main.nc.us <mailto:josephj at main.nc.us>>
>> wrote:
>>     I have shell scripts for my ancient desktop that create image
>> backups of
>>     my Linux and Windows partitions and burn them to CDROM's using
>> dump for
>>     Linux and partimage for Windows.
>>     I want to adapt these for use on my new (dual boot - kubuntu
>> feisty/win
>>     XP) notebook with a single layer DVD burner (and much bigger disk
>>     partitions).
>>     Do I keep everything the same, just making the iso files much
>> larger or
>>     do I need a new method of doing things?
>>     The current script does a:
>>     /sbin/dump 0uMBzf 614400 <target-drive> <source-drive>
>>     for each Linux (ext2/3) partition and a
>>     /usr/sbin/partimage -V614400 -z1 -o -d -m -b  -f3 save 
>> <source-drive>
>>     <target-drive>
>>     for each Windows (FAT32) partition.  Then, I just run a script that
>>     burns all the images in the order I wanted them while I do a
>> protracted
>>     CD shuffle.
>>     How many blocks big is a DVD or do I have to do things entirely
>>     differently?  My new notebook uses ext3 and NTFS.
>>     TIA
>>     Joe
>>     P.S. I just extracted the lines of code that make the backups and
>>     removed variable references to make it more clear.  I'd have to pour
>>     over the man pages to remember what all the options mean.  The whole
>>     scripts are available if anyone wants to see them.
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I rtfm'd for the commands again and found that the magic number 614400
(that someone on this list gave me years ago) is in KB's (human
readable!), so that was about 614 MB - which left some room for file
management tables, etc. (cd-r capacity is 650 or 702 MB).  I went to
wikipedia and found that a dvd+r will hold 4,700,372,992 bytes total,
but how much do I need to subtract from that for overhead, etc.?  Using
the same ratio as the one above would yield 4439MB, but 260MB is a lot
of overhead!

Also, is there any individual file size limitation?   Someone posted
above something about 2GB max per file.



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