[nflug] Multi-Nat Router

Cyber Source peter at thecybersource.com
Mon May 21 17:10:18 EDT 2007

John Nichel wrote:
> Anyone have a recommendation for a good multi-nat router?  We just
> switched our connection to a T from DSL, and we have multiple static
> IP's through the T.  I'm looking for one (okay, my boss is looking for
> one because he doesn't like our solution of setting up a new Linux box
> to handle it) that can handle multiple WAN IP addresses (not multiple
> WAN connections), and route them individually.  TIA.
We have a block of 32 static IP's on our T here and I use an old
emachine running shorewall, to do all sorts of routing. Once you get use
to shorewall (multiple files) configuration, it's pretty much set it and
forget it.
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