[nflug] Red Hat vs. SUSE on Servers

Jesse Jarzynka denisesballs at thecybersource.com
Wed Jun 13 12:19:56 EDT 2007

Last night I talked to Dave for a while getting his opinions on
administering Red Hat and SUSE in the enterprise realm. I wanted to get
everyone else's opinions as well. This is for a presentation/training I'm
doing on Linux here at Ingram. If anyone has any thoughts or experience
with the two distros in the enterprise please let me know. Some areas of
concern are:

Which do you prefer and why?
Any benefits you feel one has over the other.
Do you feel SUSE is growing at all compared to Red Hat?
Do you think Novell's Microsoft deal will inspire more companies to adopt
for interoperability and safety or are companies less likely to use it
since it is kind of against the spirit of the GPL and Open Source in
Other distros you feel are growing (CentOS/Ubuntu) etc.

Any input is greatly appreciated. -Jesse

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