[nflug] Dell Ubuntu order

Michael Richardson mtr3 at buffalo.edu
Tue Jun 5 15:03:01 EDT 2007

Could be worse. At least he's not getting a 60GB drive formatted as a
FreeDOS partition...

Talk about having a completely useless computer out-of-the-box :)

Stephen Burke wrote:
> Dude, you bought a DELL?
> Ouch! Good luck with THAT one.
> Wiping out preinstalled M$ crap is always a joy. Wiping out dell
> strangeness doubly so. I can't even begin to speculate on what kind of
> fascist strangeness dell is going to try to hide on it's ubuntu boxes. I
> have little doubt that they went to great lengths to chew up 3 of your 4
> primary partitions before it gets to you, as they do with their M$ crap.
> Your safest bet, imho, would be to trash all dell's dirty tricks and
> install BLAG on it as soon as it gets there.
> Not that it isn't an interesting experiment for postings here...
> ;-),
> S.
> p.s. One of my brothers is a lawyer for dell and is continually trying
> to convince me that they are the "most standards compliant" company in
> the biz. hehe.
> Franklin Kumro Jr wrote:
>> I'm going to share my experience with ordering a dell Ubuntu machine,
>> if you could care less then don't continue :-P
>> The process started when I customized the E520N and added it to my
>> shopping cart, next step was to call to receive my 10% off discount.
>> This is where the fun begins, Benjamin was on the other line to assist
>> me. After explaining the discount situation Benjamin needed to know
>> what computer I was going to get. I explained the E520N (N is the
>> Ubuntu line), however he had no idea what that machine was. He then
>> asked what OS I wanted and I said Ubuntu. This must have blew a fuse
>> because he became silent and put me on hold. About 4 minutes later
>> Benjamin came back on the phone and asked me 6 more times what OS I
>> wanted. I spelled it out for him and then ended up telling him to go
>> to dell.com/linux and check it out.
>> About 10 more minutes passed at this point and then he asked me for
>> the specs of the machine I wanted. Not only did he match them (besides
>> video card - oh does the nvidia 6150 come on intel cpu boards? I
>> didn't think it did) but I got a pretty good price too.
>> The kicker was he was very excited to throw in Norton (I think?) Anti
>> virus for me with free support! I broke out laughing and tried to
>> explain exactly why that would do me no good but Benjamin didn't
>> understand.
>> After the order was completed Benjamin and myself parted ways and I
>> went to the dell.com website where I could not find the nvidia 6150
>> video chipset for an intel cpu. This was what I was to receive so one
>> of us is wrong (My bet is I am).
>> Its been > 12 hours and my credit card was billed but I was not sent
>> any order information...who wants to bet this beast comes with vista?

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