[nflug] Replacing Linux Disk Drives (Cloning?)

Justin Bennett Justin.Bennett at Dynabrade.com
Tue Feb 6 07:49:09 EST 2007

Hey Folks,

    I believe this was touched upon a little in some of the cloning 
talk, but I have a 2U Dell Poweredge Running Redhat 3ES,  that has a 
pair of Mirrored 72GB drives (only has 2 drive bays), I need to replace 
these with a larger pair of drives (146GB) due to running out of space. 
I am hoping to not have to reload and reconfigure the whole box, but if 
I have to I can. Have you guys had any luck cloning like this? What 
products have you used. In the past I have tar'd the whole file system 
(minus /proc) to tape, loaded a fresh installation, and tar'd back over 
the fresh installation with decent results but haven't done this in 
years. The biggest issue I have is only having 2 drive bays, and wanting 
a mirrored configuration, Normally I could build a second logical pair, 
with the two new drives and do a Disk to Disk with something like ghost, 
I can't really do that with only 2 drive bays.


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