[nflug] Fedora 7 Review

Stephen Burke qfwfq at roadrunner.com
Wed Aug 15 15:37:33 EDT 2007

Kevin E. Glosser wrote:
> As I tried to relay in my review, sometimes there is compromise when 
> using Fedora. Make no mistake, Ubuntu is not without it's own issues. 
> There are consequences to their approach as well. I've seen them first 
> hand. My brother uses Ubuntu, and I've had to help him fix issues 
> specifically related to delays resulting in the Ubuntu project upgrading 
> very slowly.
> I specifically remember my brother wanting to use Compiz/Beryl a while 
> ago and he couldn't. He couldn't because he was using Ubuntu's packaged 
> NVIDIA driver. That's fine and dandy, but Ubuntu was very slow in 
> updating their package. NVIDIA released a new driver and it took a very 
> long time for Ubuntu to release it. That driver was required for 
> Compiz/Beryl to work with the hardware my brother had. He had two 
> choices, sit and wait or go out on his own and install the latest NVIDIA 
> driver manually.

I was hoping this conversation might eventually get around to NVIDIA 
issues in fedora. Ever since fedora 5 or so, I've had nothing but 
trouble with the nvidia card in this computer. I keep hoping the NEXT 
version of fedora might fix things but so far it hasn't. I grabbed 
fedora 7 recently full of hope and got nowhere with it. Every time, X 
fails to start when it can't find a monitor attached to the motherboard 
video card, which seems trully strange when the signal has to go through 
the nvidia card for me to even see X failing. Actually, I prefer BLAG, 
which (I think) strips out much the the bloat mentioned previously in 
this thread, but I get the same X problems there, so I'm thinking it's a 
fedora thing.

The card in question is this one:
$ lspci
00:0a.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 
4000 AGP 8x] (rev c1)

I realize it's kind of old by now, and was pretty cheap to begin with, 
but wtf? Fedora is really the only distro I've seen this with.

Any ideas? Boot options that might get me around it?


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