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Robert Meyer meyer_rm at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 12:33:44 EDT 2007

Not a good plan.  First, several of the Email servers are Exchange boxes and they want to think that they're getting the mail straight from the internet.  The whole idea is to have a single relay point for troubleshooting purposes.  So the relay is really supposed to act like a passthrough for the stuff coming from the Internet to the backend servers and for the backend servers to the internet.  Kind of like a smarthost function.



P.S. this is a migraine of epic proportions for me.  Don't like relays anyway, anyhow...

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A headache started about half way through this email but what if you 
were to think in terms of pulling instead of pushing? A creative use of 
fetchmail perhaps?

Robert Meyer wrote:
> OK, before we get into this, remember that this is NOT my design.  I'm 
> trying to make the best of what I have here...  Having said that...
> We currently have several clients, all using an Imail server 
> (remember, not my design) to handle Email.  We are also routing a few 
> Exchange servers through it.  In essence, all mail coming in for these 
> clients hits a single server that separates the domain names and 
> routes the mail to the backend servers.  We also have some clients 
> that are actually storing their mail on the Imail server.  These two 
> functions are going to be separated so that the relay server and the 
> POP/IMAP functions are on different boxes.  The mail servers that I 
> relay for also relay back through the Imail server.  The problem is 
> that if one client gets infected with a spam virus or otherwise gets 
> the server tagged as a spam host, it breaks all of the clients that 
> route through that server.  We (actually, they) want to keep the 
> single relay host, because it's good for troubleshooting.  (remember, 
> not my design)
> What I need to know is:  Is there any way that I can set up a system 
> that will relay mail from internal mail servers but have the IP 
> address leaving the server be different for each domain.  Essentially, 
> I want it to look like each domain is coming from a different server.  
> We are switching the relay server to CentOS (RHEL clone) and are going 
> to use Postfix for the relay functions.
> The only idea that comes to mind is to create multiple virtual servers 
> with VMWare and route each client through a different virtual 
> machine.  I know I can create multiple IP aliases on the machine.  Can 
> I leverage that somehow to get different source addresses for 
> different domains?
> Thanks...
> Cheers!
> Bob
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